Hi! My name is Maggie Jo Burlison & I am the author of A BLUSH & A BACKPACK. I was inspired to start this blog because of my love for beauty & skin-care products. Hence “A BLUSH.” I also love to travel as well. I love going on adventures whether it is for the day or a week. That is where “A BACKPACK” comes in! I wanted to combine my favorite things. I will write & post pictures about beauty products, the places I go to, & when I am lucky enough I will share new beauty idea’s and product that I learn about from the places I travel! You probably noticed I included “LIFESTYLE” in my category as well. That is because I will include cute idea’s, and items, just relating to my life! This past summer I studied abroad in Milan, Italy! So make sure to look back at those posts. I was able to see a lot of beautiful places and I am so grateful for that experience! I am currently living in New York City (I have officially been here a month yayy!!). I study Advertising & Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology & I am currently doing my first internship in the fashion industry! I love NYC so far and I am excited to share my experiences here with you! Thank you for following A BLUSH & A BACKPACK!

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