My 4 Favorite Beauty Products This Week

The past few weeks I have just been enjoying being home and doing fun summer stuff with my friends and family, but I knew it was time for a beauty post!!

When I returned home from Italy, I had lots of products from KIKO MILANO that I was excited to try as well as my mom had surprised me with a few products when I arrived home (yayy!!).

So I thought today I would share my 4 favorite beauty products that I love right now!

  1. Jay Manuel Beauty Skin Perfecter Foundation from HSN. This is a foundation that my mom had found while watching HSN (home shopping network). It is a High Definition foundation. I’m sure whenever you hear “Jay Manuel” you think America’s Next Top Model. Well Jay wanted to be on top and he is currently conquering the beauty industry. This foundation is really cool because it starts out as a powder and then turns into a cream foundation. You just sprinkle it into your hands and rub together until it turns to a cream then apply to your face! IMG_5053
  2. 24K Sally Hershberger Texturizing Paste. This was another product that my mom surprised me with when I got home. This is also from HSN. When I first opened this cream to try it out I was surprised at the consistency. It was really cool, almost like a  play-doh. I used it on my hair and it is amazing! The best part is it brings out highlights and has flecks of gold in the product! I have blonde hair again and it really helps my highlights shine!! Also it adds just the right amount of thickness and holds a long time. I love it that it makes my hair nice and thick and easier to style! IMG_5054
  3. M. ASAM Resveratrol Premium Face and Decolletage Cream. This is the last product purchased from HSN. It is a face and décolletage (or neck) cream. It is tan in color and is best applied right before bed to a clean face and in the morning. I love the way it blends in and it makes the skin soft and I think it really enhances your skin tone. I love any cream that is made for you décolletage. I think the neck is a part of the body that is to often ignored and lotion really should be applied to the neck frequently!  IMG_5052
  4. KIKO MILANO RADIANT TOUCH CREAMY STICK HIGHLIGHTER. At one of my few (okay maybe more than few) trips to KIKO MILANO in Italy I purchased this highlighter stick. And I am so happy I did! It was under 10.00 and I loved the color of it when I tried it on my hand. I have been wearing it everyday on my cheek bones, brow bones, and temples to add a subtle glow. I really like it and will be so sad once it is gone! IMG_5051

I encourage you to try out one (or all) of the products! You will not be disappointed!! Products 1-3 can be purchased on and #4 can be purchased from 


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