My last weekend in Italy I decided to make a “pilgrimage” to Rome. I almost didn’t go to Rome but after I went it was worth every penny and I am so happy that I did. So of course I also had to do a post about Rome as well! I wanted to share my experience and my pictures. This will be my last post about Italy! Then in three weeks it is off to NEW YORK CITY!!!

Out of the 12 girls I was traveling with only 5 of us decided to go to Rome. We took a speed train and arrived in just three hours (I would recommend this very much!!). We stayed at Hotel Fellini which was just five minutes from the Trevi Fountain. It was a perfect location.

The first day we visited the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and I had my favorite meal in Italy. The Trevi fountain was under construction but still just as beautiful (I can’t imagine how amazing it looks when it has water and everything!). You could still make a wish, though, which I was very happy about because that was on the top of my list of things I wanted to do! I actually ended up making a few wishes (I will be honest I may have thrown in a few dollar coins lol!!).

The Pantheon, and Spanish Steps were both beautiful as well. Everything in Rome has so much history and I know I felt in awe everywhere we went. Rome is also where I had my favorite meal of the WHOLE TRIP! One of the girls I was traveling with knew someone who was able to get us a reservation at a five star restaurant called Marzapane. I thought it was 10 stars!!! It was amazing! We had very delicious white wine (it was 45.00 dollars a bottle but very worth it). To eat I had noodles in beef broth with pork pop corn (a fancy way of saying pork rinds). I would not usually like something like this but it was amazing. Everything was very fresh, and made right in front of you! For dessert I had a peach and ricotta cannoli! I have included pictures of these! If you ever visit Rome you have to go here!

The second day in Rome we visited the Colosseum and the Vatican! The Colosseum was really cool to see and more massive than I thought! The rest of the girls decided to tour the inside, and I opted out of that! So instead I wandered around Rome for the afternoon and found one of the most beautiful spots. I wandered up a hill that lead to some historical sites (don’t worry I would never usually do this but there was so so many people around that I felt safe enough to). I started walking up this hill and as I walked I noticed the stations of the cross were built along the brick wall. I didn’t know where the trail led but eventually I got to the top. And at the top was the most beautiful little church. I had to go in and sit. I went in and sat for quite a while and it was one of the most special moments of my trip. I also lit a candle for a safe return home on my way out! There is something about wandering around Rome and finding new places-it made me so happy!!

In the afternoon before we had to head back to Milan we visited Vatican City. The Vatican was huge, and so pretty. The pictures really do not do it justice at all. We did not get to go inside because we didn’t have time but just being their was so amazing and I was able to get Rosary Beads for my mom!

I honestly can’t decide which Italian city was my favorite but I will tell you Rome is up on the top. It was beautiful, historic, and just amazing. I really am so happy I visited Rome and it made my trip feel complete! I hope you enjoy the pictures!! Ciao for now Italy!!

IMG_4461 IMG_4499

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