Venice & Verona

This past weekend we planned a nice weekend trip to Venice, and then a day trip to Verona. Both of these were two spots on the top of my list to visit. And after visiting them they both have also become the top 2 places I have ever been. I will start with Venice.

We took a train ride from Milano Centrale to Venezia S. Lucia (it was about 2 hours) and the train was really nice!

The minute I got off the train in Venice I was awestruck by how beautiful it was. The water, the houses, canals, everything was amazing! We stayed in an apartment (that we had booked through in San Marco. This spot was very nice. Their was a lot of shops, restaurants, and St. Mark’s Square. We enjoyed nice dinners, afternoon strolls on the cute little streets, and of course a gondola ride! I am traveling with 12 other girls so we split up into 2 groups of six. The gondola ride was so peaceful and I am so happy I got to experience all that Venice has to offer! I decided to include many pictures they were all so nice I could not pick and choose! One night after dinner we grabbed some gelato, and walked around by the water, and music was playing and it was just so ITALY!!

10534433_10204887277317030_8299210742401423985_n DSCF2313 DSCF2314 DSCF2328 DSCF2333 DSCF2341 IMG_3551 IMG_3555 IMG_3564 IMG_3606 IMG_3611 IMG_3624 IMG_3626 IMG_3630 IMG_3640 IMG_3641 IMG_3659 IMG_3665 IMG_3676 IMG_3678 IMG_3694 IMG_3698 IMG_3717 IMG_3722 IMG_3725 IMG_3837 IMG_3579 IMG_3634 IMG_3684

Now for Verona. I was so excited to visit Verona because I love the movie Letters to Juliet. I wanted to do the same thing, and delivery my letter to Juliet. And I did!! Verona is seriously the most cutest town I have ever seen. Honestly it is so picture perfect it reminds me of a movie set. It has a bunch of shops, beautiful buildings, and outdoor cafes. We ate lunch outside, visited Juliet’s balcony, delivered my letters (where I made them take 100 pics of me placing them on the wall lol), and we did some shopping!

I really hope to someday visit both places again! A travel tip would be Venice for a week, and then Verona for 2 days!

Check out the pics from Verona, and feel free to comment with any questions, about travel, both locations, where I stayed, and what I ate! This weekend is Cinque Terre, and Florence!!


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