My First Weekend in Milan, Italy

It has been a very busy weekend with traveling to Milan, getting into our apartment, and then seeing some of the city.

After arriving Friday morning (the flight only took btw 6-7 hours so it was not to bad) our Director picked us up and we headed to Milan from MXP airport.

After a lot of waiting, signing papers, etc. we were on our way to our apartment. My apartment is located a little outside of the city center, I like the apartment a lot though it is very nice and we have a balcony right outside our room!

IMG_3167 IMG_3170

Friday night we unpacked and then decided to hit the city for a late dinner. We went to a little pizzeria/restaurant and I ordered a regina margherita pizza (which is sauce, mozzarella cheese, and  basil) and it was soooooo yummy!!! Perfect meal for the first night. We finished the night off with a cone of gelato (I have had it everyday so far!)


On Saturday we learned how to use the metro and after a while I finally understand! And we got to go to the city center & see the Duomo! It was beautiful we all took so many pictures. Then we went inside the galleria! I included pics of that as well.


All of us then wanted to eat dinner so we wondered off on some side streets to find a cute restaurant. This is where I really felt like I was in Italy. There was cobblestone streets, colored buildings, and tons of little shops and cafes. We found a restaurant and I had home-made gnocchi and wine.


Saturday night we went out to a place where it is one huge street full of restaurants and bars (I can’t remember the name right now!) It is really close to our apartment so that is a plus! We had a few drinks and I had a cosmo & it was one of the best I ever have drank.


Today we went and visited both schools campuses, ate some fried pizza, and of course had gelato 🙂

I am glad to just be in my apartment tonight as I am very very tired. I want to cook some pasta, relax with a glass of wine, and go to sleep! Tomorrow I have my first day of class! Enjoy the pictures of my first weekend in Milan!


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