So tomorrow is finally the day I leave for Italy! Tomorrow I will be traveling all day (and night actually lol) so I wanted to get one more post in before I leave! And that post is all about how I am heading off to Italy with a little (faux) glow.

This year more than ever I have been really into self tanners. I have reached that point in my life where keeping my skin healthy is most important. I still, though, like to have a nice glow and I have found just the product(s)!

1. Karora Express Bronzing Mousse w/ mitt- First and foremost what I love most about this product is the fact that it contains skin caring botanicals. It helps give you a self-tan but also nourishes your skin with healthy ingredients. This self tanner is also so easy to use. Just dispense a pump (usually about four total for the whole body works well!) and then use the mitt and spread the tanner in on your arms, neck, chest, stomach, and legs (don’t forget to do your back & the back of your legs as well). Then after three hours…. you have a gorgeous exotic tan! The bottle says that you can shower after one hour if you want a little less glow. I have never done that though & find that the glow that it makes is just perfect! You can purchase this product w/mitt @ hsn.com for $29.90.

2. tarte Brazilliance self tanning face towellette- I have tried many tan towels for the face and this is one of the best! I try to use it about once a week or before a special event. With a clean face- all you do is open the towellette and wipe all over your face evenly. Just like the body bronzer it takes a while to develop. What I like to do is put on my face right before bed. Then when I wake up I look like I spent hours in the sun (but the best part is I didn’t lol!).

Don’t get me wrong I love the sun, it is warm and I can’t help but smile with the sun shining on me. But for Italy I have purchased a body lotion with sunscreen in it & a BB cream for my face that has high SPF. I hope to achieve a little glow in Italy but skin safety comes first & when you have products like this you can achieve just as nice of a glow!

See you in Italy!

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