Welcome to A BLUSH & A BACKPACK!

Hi everyone & thank you for checking out A BLUSH & A BACKPACK written by me Maggie Jo Burlison! This blog is inspired by my love for beauty products! I will post pictures and product descriptions and reviews about all the products I find and really enjoy. I also like to travel on little day trips, vacations & cruises (when I am lucky), and for the first time in my life I am leaving the Country to study abroad for a month in MILAN, ITALY (yayy!). A BLUSH & A BACKPACK is a fun blog which will include beauty, fashion, travel, & lifestyle idea’s. This first post is an introduction to myself & my blog! Then for the next month a lot of pictures from my travels in Italy will be posted, you can also follow me on Instagram @maggie_burlison to see lots of pics. When I return from Italy at the end of August I am moving to New York City. I want to blog about my adventures in New York & new beauty idea’s/places I find! Thank you for following & I hope you enjoy A BLUSH & A BACKPACK! DSCF2281DSCF2282DSCF2255DSCF2294

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